Treatment and Prevention of Tennis Elbow

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What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow also referred to as lateral epicondylitis, is caused by the overuse of muscles which connect your forearm to your elbow. It is also a degenerative condition characterised by inflammation, microscopic tears, and pain in the affected area. Despite its name, this condition does not only affect tennis players but can develop in individuals who engage in occupations or hobbies that involve repetitive movements.

What Treatments Are Available for Tennis Elbow?

What are the Non-Surgical Treatments?

These injections are used to relieve redness and swelling, as well as provide temporary relief from discomfort.

Physical therapists can create personalised treatment plans based on each individual’s conditions. They aim to help you regain mobility and improve flexibility in the affected limb by guiding you through exercises that are safe to be carried out.

Ultrasound tenotomy, or TENEX, is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat chronic tendon injuries such as tennis elbow. This technique utilises ultrasound imaging to identify and target damaged tissue within the tendon. During the procedure, a small incision is made near the affected tendon, and a specialised ultrasonic probe is inserted. The ultrasound energy emitted by the probe breaks down and removes the damaged tissue while leaving the surrounding healthy tissue intact.

Activity modification involves altering parts of your daily routine or work activities that may be contributing to your tennis elbow. This can include changing your technique, using ergonomic tools, or taking frequent breaks to rest your arms.

PRP injections involve injecting a concentration of the patient’s plasma into the affected. Platelets contain growth factors that aid in healing and alleviate inflammation, along with stimulating tissue repair and regeneration.

What are the Surgical Treatments?

Tennis elbow release surgery is a procedure used to treat severe cases of tennis elbow that have not responded to conservative treatments. During this surgery, the damaged portion of the tendon is surgically removed, relieving pain and restoring function to the elbow.

Elbow arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure involving the use of a tiny camera called an arthroscope, which is inserted into the elbow joint through small incisions. The camera allows the surgeon to identify any damaged tissues or structures contributing to the symptoms of tennis elbow. Then, surgical instruments are inserted through the incisions to repair or remove any damaged tissues.

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Are You or Your Loved Ones Suffering from Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow can develop into a condition that affects the daily lives of you and your loved ones. Simple activities such as turning a doorknob and drinking from a cup may become challenging as the condition worsens. Book an appointment with us at Avant Orthopaedics to receive a personalised consultation to diagnose and identify the source of your discomfort.

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